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Ramallah 25th May : Four Palestinians killed and tens injured...

May 25, 2006

" Four Palestinians killed and seventy injured during Israeli military incursion into Ramallah Four Palestinians were killed after being fired upon with live bullets in the central square in Ramallah on Wednesday during an Israeli military incursion. One Palestinian died after being hit in the head by an exploding bullet, another after being struck in the chest by a high velocity bullet. Another seventy Palestinians were injured, fifteen severely, and five arrested "
( Source : ) .

No significant official Israeli comments were reported and this ' event ' was simply ignored.
Israeli resources stated that the aim of this ' operation ' was to arrest a 'terrorist' who was hiding in a building in the center of Ramallah. The Israeli force which sneaked inside the building under cover( in civilian clothes ) was discovered and soon clashes started, resulting in 4 Palestinians killed and tens injured.

Those officials who took such a decision were surely very courageous ! Was the life of that 'terrorist' so important that the Israeli Leadership decided to take all the risk and send an armed force under cover to arrest him?

The use of civilian areas, on the other hand, by armed Palestinians is another issue of concern. We don't know if this man ( who was actually arrested ) was armed or not, but using civilian areas for ANY kind of military activity is both stupid and coward.

It is really a very sad event. The four Palestinians who were
killed were people who had no intention to share in any military act against anyone. They were civilians, shopping or passing by in a market in middle Ramallah.
How wise was it to authorize such an ' operation ' ?? Four people are killed and tens injured : who should be blamed and what lessons should be learned ??


At 9:14 AM, June 08, 2006, Anonymous Civilian said...

First of all,I do not think that there is somthing called 'Terrorist Palestinina',Because as known palestine is under an occupation,and for any nation under occupation,struggling against the occupation must be respected and supported.

On the other hand,those struggler'Armed Palestinian'should have an enough wisdome to select the suitable ways,time,and of location ,and this is the issue,chossing such civilians areas is a stupid thing,for sure.

At 5:07 PM, June 08, 2006, Blogger Steven said...

Hiding in civilian areas is not a side issue – Israel can not just stand around and let these people repeatedly murder its civilians. It is terrible what we are forced to do.

As there is little background information on this ‘event', it is difficult to make a judgement on it. If innocents were caught in this, I feel for their families. One innocent dying from an Israeli gun is too many.

On that note, one Jew dying from a bomb attack which is built and planned by a terrorist is far too many, and therefore these murderers must be brought to justice.


"First of all, I do not think that there is something called 'Terrorist Palestinian', because as known Palestine is under an occupation."

Are you are one of those people who inaccurately think Zionism is Racism, that Israel is committing genocide (while the population is rising) against the Palestine Region Arabs? Do you confuse Israel with apartheid South Africa and believe that Jewish people have no right to defend themselves when they are routinely targeted by mass murderers who indoctrinate children and use them as weapons as war?

Let's hope it is just naivety when you spout idiotic statements like “there is no such thing as Palestine Arab terrorists".

The terrorism is not due to any "occupation".
(I have got to go, so no more links for now.)

If the armed forces left J&S today, we know for a fact that terrorism would continue – most terrorist groups would still launch attacks against Israel and the terrorist group Hams will not stop them. It is therefore the responsibility of the IDF to protect Israeli citizens. Terrorism precedes “occupation" and Israeli presence is a result of repeated attacks by Arabs against Jewish lives. It was Arabs who refused an end to the “occupation" by refusing a peace deal which offered them over 95% of J&S + Gaza. It was the Arabs who started the problem by surrounding Israel in 1948 (and subsequent wars) with the declared intention of a massacre.

And on occupation: the land is not “occupied". There has been no Palestine Arab State and Israel is not occupying the land from that said state. “Disputed" is the word you are looking for.


"On the other hand, those struggler' Armed Palestinian' should have an enough wisdom to select the suitable ways, time, and of location, and this is the issue, chossing such civilians areas is a stupid thing, for sure."

No, choosing civilian areas is not stupid, it is horrifying, it is planned and calculated - just like when children are brought to the front line of a battle.

It is routine and these terrorist groups are also responsible for forcing Israelis to check ambulances for bombs, even under injured children for they have hidden weapons under children in ambulances. It is common place to give a 10 or 12 year old a bomb to pass through a checkpoint and then attempt to remotely detonate it if the bomb failed. It is routine to celebrate on the street after a suicide bomber gets through the net and murders Israeli citizens – it is common place to hold events in that bombers names, to re-enact his murder in schools, to rename streets or schools after him.

Stupid? Talk about an understatement.

At 5:12 PM, June 08, 2006, Blogger Steven said...

Just a note on my last comment:

"One innocent dying from an Israeli gun is too many. - One Jew dying from a bomb attack which is built and planned by a terrorist is far too many."

These things are not equael - Israeli civilians are targeted going about their daily lives, Palestinians suffer because militants hide out in their neighbourhoods and are caught in the crossfire. (There are exceptions to this rule, but they are the exception.)

At 5:26 PM, June 08, 2006, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

Hello Steven
Commenting on your last addition : Civilians killed from both sides are innocents after all, whether were walking in the streets, living in tension areas, riding back to schools or just shopping in markets or taking a bus to work. I totally disagree with you in your last point.

At 9:09 PM, June 08, 2006, Blogger Steven said...

In senario A, a known murderer has been targetted and some bystanders suffer as a result of the attack on this known murderer.

In senario B, bombers select the most densely populated areas such as restaurants, transport hubs etc in order to target innocent civilians.

Say 1 person dies in both senario A and senario B. Their lives are equael, for the sake of argument, it is the same person who died in each senario.

Are the deaths the same?

What is your stance?

At 1:22 PM, June 09, 2006, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

A nice example Steve.
It is quite complicates and every part in this struggle is seeing things in his own perspective. Palestinians think they are the oppressed and occupied nation and they have the right to defend, and Israel is seeing things as terrorist attempts and violence. Both of us know very well this cycle and going through it will not help convince anyone.
What is the solution, is the wise question.
I do not defend violence, and I do not defend those who call for it. It is that we are being convinced of certain ideas that we are not ready to change or listen to the voice of logic and reason.
The ( civilian ) who commented added much actually, because many Palestinians view fighting Israel as resisting occupation. This is a point to consider, yet I do not beieve, as many other Palestinians, that resistance is through guns and fighting.
It is utmost stupidity for us as Palestinians to consider violence as a way to build a state. All the attempts to use violence here and there are mosty individual attempts and do not represent the public attitudes : finding the reasonable ways to get out of this situation.

At 10:53 PM, June 14, 2006, Blogger Steven said...

"Palestinians think they are the oppressed and occupied nation and they have the right to defend."

When infact:
- they are not a nation yet and never have been.

- Israel supports the creation of a peaeful Palestinian state and have done so since the 1947 partition plan.

- Firing 10's of rocket into Israeli housing estates every single day is not defence.

- Blowing up civilans, even school kids on busses, is not defence.

However you are right, Palestinians do mostly see it this way.

ps. What do you think of those 5 points I suggested on the next post?

At 2:56 PM, June 15, 2006, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

The 5 points proposed seem to be VERY reasonable. I will make them the focus of the next post I will write.

At 2:56 PM, June 15, 2006, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

The 5 points proposed seem to be VERY reasonable. I will make them the focus of the next post I will write.

At 12:24 PM, November 13, 2010, Anonymous snore stop said...

If innocents were caught in this, I feel for their families. One innocent dying from an Israeli gun is too many.

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